Stacking the Deck

Nothing spells Summer like having a BBQ with friends or family at your private outdoor oasis. Grass,check. Sunshine, check. Dirt mounds begging for purpose, check. Now imagine this space working for you, so you can work on your tan. As perfect entertainment stages that accentuate the outdoors in a deliberate way, decks bring functionality and relaxation together, keeping with the style and comfort of your entire home. Feature elements range from pergolas and decorative railings to custom benches and built-in hot tubs. With unlimited design ideas, -first rate materials such as white and red cedar and synthetic commodities to choose from, possibilities are endless. The final result? Truly YOU-nique.

Building a Great Patio and More

Patio structures are primarily made of interlocking brick or concrete pavers. A properly constructed one can revive your home’s exterior with minor interruption to present outdoor lifestyle. Building with stone, concrete or brick transforms more than just patios. Walkouts, entry points, recessed pool structures, decorative retaining walls and driveways are easily up-scaled using these low maintenance products. Paving stones come in a wide range of colours and style selections too, which makes it easy to give your home a facelift, affordably.

En garde! Fencing the right way

Are you sitting on the (wobbly, dilapidated, ugly) fence? Consider the purpose of surrounding your home with an enclosure: To define the property and give privacy and security, not tension headaches. We work with you to choose the right fence with structurally sound design features to compliment your home, and impress the neighbours.

Creating a fence made to last longer and look great, requires special skill and comprehension to build. Just as important, is providing know-how to home owners, leaving them equipped with the correct tools to easily care for, and enjoy their beautiful boundaries, once complete. For instance, wood fences may dress up a home, but over time, excess tannins in wood can make them look worn and aged.

Our suppliers carry lumber, steel and decorative selections that are top notch while we carry the smarts to keep your wood looking good in addition to taking the kink out of any chain link.