Origins and trends:

Traditionally, kitchens were walled-in and somewhat isolated from other common rooms. Today, clients desire continuity within the home, without compromising a fully functional and versatile kitchen. Trending towards open-concept sophistication, modern kitchens are designed to work for the lifestyle of today’s home owner.

Have your cake and eat it too:

Lighting. Cabinet placement. Backsplashes. Appliance location. These are key considerations that need to fit your space correctly and require a skilled hand to accomplish beautifully. As a member of the National Kitchen and Bath Association, Singhko’s expertise and access to performance products can build your dream, at a competitive price. With cutting edge innovation, we offer personal touches designed specifically to highlight the core of your home, with contemporary elegance. Consult with our design team to discover the amenities and layout that will work for you, and together we can bring that pie in the sky down to your kitchen table.