Building your home from the ground up

Singhko brings ingenuity and integrity to building your home from the ground up.
Shop talk:

Foundation repair work can seem a dismal task, rendering the average homeowner defenceless against industry terms like: repointing, slabjacking, underpinning and piering. Given that Singhko is your number one choice for home building requirements, we thought it would be wise to shed some light on a few of these technical terms. This will help demystify the lingo and keep you informed, understand your needs and objectives:

Damp-proofing: Using a bitumen-based (coal-based) sealant or applying a DPC (damp-proofing membrane) to a foundation surface for the purpose of waterproofing.

Piering: The process by which steel rods are driven into the soil to support a foundation by using a motorized ram or hydraulic device to screw the rods in place. Once secured, the foundation is supported and ground settlement is halted.

Repointing: Removing and replacing mortar in a highly delicate and procedural manner to repair damage often associated with worn masonry on older buildings, or poorly constructed brick work.

Shotcrete: A generic term used to describe ‘shooting’ dry or wet concrete ingredients from a specialized gun which after expelled is mixed with water (or not, depending on the product) to perform structural repairs on buildings. Shotcrete is also used to form recessed pools.

Slabjacking: The ‘botox’ of foundations. This method is used to repair foundation cracks at the site, by injecting concrete into small holes made in the foundation. Newly injected concrete builds a supportive base underneath the crack to arrest further damage and lift sunken concrete in the offending area.