An update on my existing bathroom is needed, where do I start?

Whether you’re sporting avocado porcelain with eggplant walls, or every time you flush it’s a game of ‘jiggle the handle’ to end the spiralling vortex in the bowl, we can help. If your existing layout is working, but you’d really like to freshen the overall appearance, renovating your bathroom leads to easy maintenance, updates the overall look, and is a cost-effective incentive to marketing a home.

We have a growing family with growing needs and must create a larger bathroom where do we begin?

Your first consideration is the location for install, then determining who will use the space most. Finally decide what amenities are most important to you, i.e. you might consider a double sink, extra towel bars or a linen closet. Something to think about: reclaiming an existing space by adding a full bathroom would decrease early morning congestion, and add value to your property.

To design an en-suite bathroom for an elderly relative, what considerations are required?

Your best bet is recreating an existing space with quality upgrades. A walk in tub with a door might be a safety feature worth investment, along with anti-slip or radiant flooring. Specialty cabinetry, custom benches and decorative hand rails are impressive inclusions when planning a customized build; offering a welcome mix of personalized luxury. Aim for nuances to make your relative feel at home, safe and included.

Choosing the Right Layout and Products:

Singhko uses smart products to make sure your new bathroom lasts a long time without water or other damage resulting from poor construction. Quality mold/mildew resistant drywall, waterproof tub & shower surrounds and a properly vented, ultra-quiet exhaust fan system are some of what we can offer.
Here’s more:

  • Updates to Complete Makeovers
  • Relocations and Redesign
  • Accessibility options for Elderly or Special Needs.
  • Product variety at affordable pricing

Reconfiguring layouts can improve the efficiency of space, and ease of use in creating a functional bathroom. Making sure the new design does not compromise the structural integrity or safety of your home, is our job. Contact us for a quality estimate where we examine the length of time required and products needed to complete your bathroom makeover.