about us

Building solid relationships with our clients is our biggest business

Prior to outlining your project plan and quotation, our first responsibility is to assist in discovering your needs, establishing your taste, and determining your budget. Once established, all requisite materials are ordered in sequence, thus preventing delays while remaining on schedule.

How does Singhko work value into a build? Committed involvement and clear-cut ingenuity.

Singhko liaises with all major suppliers in the Ottawa area. These affiliations translate into valueas reductions on building products are offered, based on volume purchasing. Singhko is proud tosave you money on materials like flooring, lumber and much more!

Singhko is an active member of the Ottawa building community, and your prime resource to all coding guidelines and contemporary building, plus design products. With Singhko, your projects will always be completed in today’s standards and style, every time.

Big or small, trust Singhko to expertly manage your project; finish on time and on budget

Singhko offers quality control and consistency, as a full-service, fully-insured, employee based enterprise. Company standards involve working with Master Electricians to confirm Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) compliance, Structural Engineers where load-bearing conditions need to be met, plus presenting design service assistance to uncover project details and fundamentals. Singhko is a registered Renomark™ builder.o.

From custom homes to commercial construction, Singhko builds integrity

In 1997, Singhko Incorporated was founded by Gary Singh. Originating in kitchen and bathroom designs, emerging into a multi-faceted construction company with hundreds of satisfied customers, Singhko walks the talk. Since its inception, Singhko leads with word-of-mouth advertising, building with exceptional results.